Selection Guide For Steal Moulding

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Mould steel is a material that is used to make moulds like cold-punching moulds, hot forging dies, die-casting moulds, and more. The mould is the most important tool for making machinery, motors, radiometers, and other things. The quality of the mould would have a direct effect on the quality of the process, the accuracy and output of the products, and more. The properties and heat treatment of mould steel would have a big effect on the quality of the mould if the design of the structure and the precision of the processing were not good enough. Its grades, specifications, and quality determine how it works, how long it lasts, and how long it takes to make. Before we get into our article, we are among the best mould steel manufacturers available online. 

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How to Choose Mold Steel:

A lot of people don’t know how to choose the right steel grade for their mould. Moulds have always been made by forging, cutting, machining, heating, testing, and more. To make sure the quality and price of the mould, the material must be easy to machine, easy to harden, easy to shape, and more. And we need to think about a few things about it.

Resistance to Wear:

The basic and one of the most important things about mould steel is how well it holds up against wear. And the main thing that affects wear resistance is how hard something is. In general, a die with high hardness and low loss means that it wears well. At the same time, the types, amounts, and shapes of the carbides in mould steel affect how well it resists wear. China tool steel is also a very interesting topic but that is for another article. 


So much pressure is put on the work of mould. It has to take a lot of hits. So it must be very strong and tough to be able to work in such hard conditions. How tough it depends on how much carbon it has and how it feels.

Fatigue Strength:

During work, the die would always break because it was under so much pressure. The fatigue limit is based on the strength, toughness, hardness, and number of inclusions in the material.

Property with a High Temperature:

When the temperature is high during the working time, the hardness and strength of the material will go down. This will cause the mould to soften and break, making it useless. So, the die steel must have high stability of resistance to tempering so that the mould is strong and hard when it is working at high temperatures.

Corrosion Resistance:

Because plastic has chlorine, fluorine, and other elements, the HCI, HF, and other etchant gases would come out after heating and breaking down. That will attack the surface of the mould cavity, making the surface harder and causing the mould loss to go up.

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