Russia-Ukraine Conflict Impacts Ceramic Tile Business

Russia-Ukraine Conflict is getting worse, and has already influenced the world much. Our ceramic tile business also will have some changes in near future. According to reports, because of the conflict, Russia cut down the gas supplying to the European countries, most of the manufacturers have to reduce their production or even stopped lines. Capability of supplying to the market will lower much, and prices will rise much at the same time.

So for Chinese quality ceramic tiles exporters, it will be a chance to meet the needs from the markets who imported from the EU manufacturers before, esp. after COVID-19 situation getting better, and shipping rate back to normal. So if you imported from the EU mainly before, it’s time for you to consider Chinese tiles now.

Actually since the Chinese government paid more attention to environment protection years ago, cost of Chinese tiles rised much, esp. recent years, many new factories appear in different countries, and the Chinese tiles lost advantages on prices. So the Chinese manufacturers were pushed to pay attention to quality instead of cheap prices. And now most of the Chinese tiles are very good quality, and stand well while compete with European tiles. That’s why almost all top tile importing countries issued anti-dumping policy against the Chinese.

Anyway, we people love peace. And hope both the conflict and Covid will be finished soon.

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