Tool Steel

High-Quality Tool Steel Manufacturers in China

What is Tool Steel?


Tool steel is one type of carbon alloy steel. It is widely used to create, modify, or maintain hand tools and machine dies. Tool steel has the properties of being hard, abrasion- and deformation-resistant, and deformable. Steel is widely used to cut, press, coin, or extrude other materials because it can keep a cutting edge at very high temperatures. Their resistance to abrasion makes it possible for them to be used in the production of injection molds. Our company is one of the top-known tool steel manufacturers in China. 


In order to provide tool steel-specific qualities, specific elements are typically added to medium- to high-carbon steels. To harden the steel to a higher hardness for cutting and wear resistance, the alloy steel incorporates carbon. Additional components are added in order to create greater strength or toughness.


Why Choose Us Among Other Tool Steel Manufacturers?


The term “tool steel” refers to steel with a carbon content between 0.7% and 1.5% that is produced under closely regulated conditions. They have low manganese concentrations to reduce the risk of cracking during water quenching. These steels need to get the necessary heat treatment in order to perform as intended.

For high-load applications for instance punching stainless steel, spring steel, high-strength low-alloy, and tool steels. All of these with a combination of shock resistance, wear resistance, and high compressive strength are needed. Customers all over the world know our popularity among the tool steel manufacturers in China. 


Benefits of Tool Steel


The qualities of the alloy determine how well tool steel performs:

  • Recognizable hardness
  • Protection against abrasion
  • The capacity to maintain an edge
  • Red-hardness

Other elements in choosing tool steel include:

  • Machinability
  • Grindability
  • Tolerances
  • Polishability

We are not only among the well-known tool steel manufacturers in China but also make china tool steel.

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