Hot Work Mould Steel

High-Quality Hot Work Mould Steel in China


Huangshi Xinmingjie is a company that makes steel mold of excellent quality. We were formed in 2013. Our company has always steadfastly adhered to the motto, “Developing with Integrity and Surviving with Quality”. And we sincerely provide both new and recurring clients with high-quality products and swift, thoughtful services. Additionally, the company collaborates with consumers to create win-win scenarios and come up with innovative concepts. Our leading hot work mould steel is one of our best-selling products. 

Why Purchase Hot Work Mould Steel from Us?


Our products are used in the hot forming process at high temperatures for workpieces made of iron, non-ferrous metals, and alloy derivatives. In addition to being utilized in processes like pressure die casting, continuous casting, extrusion, and drop forging, they are also used in the manufacturing of glass and tubes. The quality of our hot work mould steel in  China is something you cannot find anywhere else. 

General Applications of Our Product


  • Die casting
  • Pressing dies and extrusion
  • Sleeves
  • Forging
  • Shear blades
  • Plunger

Characteristics of Our Hot Work Steel


The majority of medium and high-alloy hot-work steels have a relatively low carbon content of 0.25 to 0.60%. Hot work steels should have certain physical characteristics:

  1. The capacity to withstand deformation when the right temperature is reached.
  2. Resistance to shock.
  3. Resistance to wear at the proper temperature.
  4. Heat treatment resistance to deformation.
  5. Examining heat tolerance.
  6. Annealed form has excellent machinability.

The use of premium hot-work tool steels is crucial for achieving the maximum possible operating efficiency and output. There are several ways to shape and form hot metals, including stamping, piercing, drawing, extruding, upsetting, and swaging. But, in order for these processes to be successful at high temperatures, the tools used must be robust, wear-resistant, and durable. Our quality hot work mould steel is of the utmost quality. Our company makes sure that all our customers are satisfied in every way. We are also among the top-notch alloy steel manufacturers in China. So, hurry up and go to our website.

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