Hot Rolled Steel Bars

Top-Quality Hot Rolled Steel Bars Manufacturers in China

Our professional mould steel production company Huangshi Xinmingjie Materials Co., Ltd. We integrate special steel research and development, smelting, forging, heat treatment, and testing. When metal is rolled, hot rolled steel is produced by pressing steel at temperatures beyond its recrystallization threshold. As a result, objects are simpler to handle and steel is simpler to mould. We are one of the renowned hot rolled steel bars manufacturers in China. 

Why Choose Us Among Other Hot Rolled Steel Bars Manufacturers?

To process hot rolled steel, we start with a massive, rectangular length of metal known as a billet. Before being sent for pre-processing, the billet is heated and rolled into a sizable flattened piece. Then, while being kept at a high temperature, it goes through a series of rollers to achieve its finished proportions. The steel strands are pushed through using high-speed rollers. To manufacture sheet metal, rolled steel is twisted into coils and allowed to cool. Materials are separated and packaged in different shapes, such bars or plates. You can rely on us among other hot rolled steel bars manufacturers in China. 

Benefits of Our Hot Rolled Steel Bars

Hot rolled steel is usually significantly more economical because cold rolled steel frequently requires much more processing. Because hot rolled steel is allowed to cool at room temperature, it is essentially normalized. It is free of internal tensions that could be caused by quenching or work-hardening procedures.

Hot rolled steel is the ideal option when overall material strength is more crucial than dimensional tolerances and surface polish is not a vital concern. Descaled steel offers a superior surface for painting and other surface treatments. Being among one of the high-quality hot rolled steel bars manufacturers in China, we believe we can satisfy you. 


The following are only a few of the benefits of hot-rolled steel bars:

  • A little softening of the edges and corners (due to shrinkage).
  • Cooling may produce somewhat trapezoidal forms rather than exactly squared angles in circumstances of moderate deformation.
  • Surfaces with scales due to the quick cooling at high temperatures.

We are also one of the well-known tool steel manufacturers in China. 


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