Cold Work Mould Steel

Leading Cold Work Mould Steel in China


High-carbon steels make up the majority of cold work tool steels, with modest additions of tungsten, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum. Some of the top products sold by our company are high heat-resistant die steel, cold work dies steel, plastic die steel, etc. On the basis of customer requests, it can also produce w-series steel and other specialty die steel, die forgings, etc. Our cold work mould steel is the best of our products. 

Why Choose Us Among Other Cold Work Mould Steel Manufacturers?


Many manufacturers offer steels in this category that have had their composition changed to fit particular specifications. This group of steels, which are the least expensive and offer the highest degree of non-distortion during heat treatment and for short-run applications, can undoubtedly be ranked among the steels with the largest tonnage used for tool manufacturing. It is utilized for various kinds of gauges, collets, and blanking and forming dies. 


Finding the right grade necessitates establishing a compromise between the four important attributes outlined below, taking into account the techniques used and the stresses encountered.

  • Machinability
  • Opposition to wear
  • Protection from breaking, cracking, and fracturing.
  • Resistance to deformation and sinking.

All the properties and characteristics of our cold work mould steel is what sets us apart.

Benefits of Our Cold Mould Steel


Cold working changes the mechanical properties of steel and improves the polish of its surface. According to percent elongation and percent area reduction, cold work increases tensile and yield strength while decreasing ductility. 


  • Heightened strength
  • Enhanced surface quality
  • Controlled concentricity and dimensional precision
  • More straightness
  • Enhanced machinability.


With the help of our goods, wear, chipping, and other issues that could occur while cold stamping thick steel sheets and steel sheets with high tensile strength are reduced. Rolls and blades are examples of cold work mould steel tools that can employ it.

In order to withstand high speeds and significant strains, tool steels used in cold processing metal must have excellent edge retention, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, and high heat checking resistance. We are also among the top-quality hot rolled steel bars manufacturers in China.

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