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Top-Quality Cold Work Die Steel in China


Our company used a strict quality control system and specialized testing methods to get ISO 9001/2000 quality system certification. We offer customers products that are consistently high-quality, economical, and well-supported after purchase. Our china tool steel and cold work die steel in China are the best for you. 


Why Buy Our Cold Work Die Steel?


Cold-work steels that go through oil hardening have excellent wear resistance due to the high carbon content. They have very little resistance to softening at high temperatures. Because of the graphite in its microstructure, one type improves the machinability of annealed stock and lessens the galling and seizing of fully hardened steel. While the other type offers the best wear resistance among the O series steels despite being the least hardenable.

They have a high wear resistance and can soften at a temperature of around 205 to 260°C (400 to 500°F). These steels contain 0.25 percent molybdenum. The ability of the steels to be toughened is improved by the addition of molybdenum. They have carbide and ferrite that have been annealed. 0.20% of the carbon will be found to be free graphite after annealing.

A wide range of carbon and alloy steels that can be used to create instruments are referred to as “tool steel.” Tool steels’ common and useful properties include hardness, abrasion resistance, and deformation. If you want the best quality china tool steel, you can go for our cold work die steel in China. 


Applications of China Tool Steel


Uses for cold-work steels that go through oil hardening include the following:

  • Equipment for sketching, stamping, burnishing, and coining. blades for shears
  • Drawing, blanking, flanging, trimming, and other processes can be used to create dies and punches.
  • Machinery parts and gauges should have strong dimensional stability and wear resistance properties.
  • Examples of dies and tools include gauges, forming, and banding rolls, shears, mandrels, lathe centers, reamers, broaches, threading dies, taps, and knurling tools.
  • Wheels for shaping steel tubes and moulds for rolling cutters, wheels, screws, drawing dies, and the screw industry.

Our china tool steel and cold work die steel in China are not our only popular products. We are also among the top mould steel manufacturers in China. 

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