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Huangshi Xinmingjie is a fantastic steel mould manufacturing firm. We first began in 2013. The organization has consistently kept its motto, “Developing with Integrity and Surviving with Quality.” Additionally, we really provide both new and recurring clients with superior products and timely, attentive services. Additionally, the company collaborates with customers to provide innovative solutions and win-win scenarios. Our alloy tool steel is one of our popular products. You will be satisfied by choosing us among other alloy steel manufacturers in China. 

Introduction to Alloy Tool Steel


“Tool steel” refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well suited for use in the production of tools (punches, dies, molds, tools for cutting, blanking, forming, drawing, steering and slitting tools). They are suitable because of their natural hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation, and ability to keep a cutting edge at high temperatures. Being one of the reputable alloy steel manufacturers in China, we make the best quality alloy tool steel.


Steels fall into one of three broad types based on their chemical makeup:

  • An alloy steel
  • Low alloy steels contain very small amounts of alloying elements. 
  • 6% or more of the alloying elements must be present in high alloy steels.

When considerable amounts of alloying elements like chromium, nickel, vanadium, tungsten, or molybdenum are added, a high alloy steel known as tool steel is produced. 

Tool steels are often offered in an annealed state, which softens the extremely hard material to allow for machining or shaping. To boost toughness and strength after machining, the material is heat treated once again. 

Production of Our Tool Steel


In the production of high alloy tool steel, metallographic analysis is essential to guaranteeing a high-quality final result. Metallographic analysis of high alloy tool steel is mostly done for the following reasons:


  • Determine the carbide distribution and size using the tool steel.


  • Steels that have been hardened and tempered can be found to be decarburized.


  • Identify micro-segregations and inclusion ratings.

Our quality and our production is what distinguishes us from other alloy steel manufacturers in China. We also make cold work mould steel in China. 

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